one person one
powerful jungle one
pair of shoes

one age
one youth
one pastel saddle

transparent nipple tassels
elicit laughter
one afternoon
the lock groove

own a rhythm
a laugh
a lifeline

one circus of eruptions
one wrestles one

stoke the fire
lay down to breed
beneath the shelter of a blanket
for the first time

take in air



Fruit, flower and drug staple time or another intimate soiree
Each guest starts out, several are stopped by ventures far field,
for brief perverse moment as precious as gold
Corporate engineers are reinventing love
Traveling history we paddle a canoe
hoping our relationships complexity through mythologies lance
is read as philosophy and memoir
Man and nature telling ourselves what we call time
has gazed across the gulf of shame
Even when the tenor changes the gulf remains
The old heroic man emerges
with the pathetic fallacy- environmental morality
pays for transgressions, usually in coin
Disaster can’t shake how different aims
put us in the reciprocal web of hope
Clothes, covers, when you look
the little road won’t appear so alien and intimate
Reciprocal design desires your bees and genius
reckless, remarkably, or self-conscious at the mirror


May afternoon suddenly appear
with manifold delights
The tung so innocent acting on me
getting me to happen

Looking beyond place
the same upside down book
attempts the story- human
desires link destiny

Unconventional domestication
is something we do
something certain animals have done

Some ancestors mastered 10,000 emotions
values which fold a sophisticated genome

Success surprising the tulip and the frog
Rich archives of DNA like sabers
changing beauty

Wild cousins prize wolves
We figure how to heal, clothe,
intoxicate, and otherwise elate

We learn a great trick,
ordinary credit- true volumes
of enteric sets turning people
into bees

The toxic, unprepossessing,
business of remaking us

A Great Help

All the people give time and knowledge

Privilege and pleasure imagine trust

I should be riding indispensable friendship
ear and eye morphed of gratitude

Errors remain heartfelt
Patience, humor and love,
seeds selling pleasant odes

Olfactory work- plenty of vibrating bees X a stench of human beings

We garden and stumble

A laughable afternoon disseminating genes
Species fingering our sovereign prerogative- thrive and charge

The long chain, engineers, breeders, days,
grammar makes this perfectly clear
Choose, call, harvest, divide

Afternoon wondering at a bum plundering for nectar
A self-serving conceit

Failure flowers manipulate the ancient coeval Lucian

A bargain struck to advance trading ethers

in genes consciousnesses means

Value-eating Human

Matter realized partners in the birth of years
Form and sent selected countless generations
Size and taste selected Inkas and Irishmen ordering french fries

Man’s criteria: symmetry and sweetness, heft and nutrition
Fact has become aware of indifference to the flower taking part in every being

Trial and error found the best way to induce matter- by playing

Whether we care about making copies

flowers manage to choose the exact moment seduced off it’s knobby charms
Trivial semiconscious evolution insists- infinity, events, a particular evening counts them

NEROLI: a valentine for my one and only- MUSIC, VOCALS AND VIDEO BY AARON EMBRY!!!!!

NEROLI for my one and only Jane

lost echo
an arching sigh

Segments of citrus
your love is mine

I trace a helix over your sleeping eye

The tips of a trident
lift me

I float on my back
my arms spread wide

as we course out to sea
beseeching eternity

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I lay my hands over the most painful spots

healing a healing body

let me be a sea
then help me from the water

this grinding figure
all those eggs

phantoms for a page
I blow my  brain
to bliss

I turn away
to save you from my face
I’m sorry

this is so
seemingly incessant

I’m desperate to serve

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An anthropological world view

constructed as follows

A. Biological filter


C. Individual filter               B. Cultural filter


as a diagram, each of these filters

would be represented by three intersecting circles


Apparently our holistic world view

is this tiny- unnamed protuberant convex triangle shape

(tiny compared to the size of the diagram)

and I know all triangles are convex

but were talking curved sides

and even if the diagram were to be enormous the ratio

of a person

(who would be represented by a larger circle

around the three inner circles)

to their operating system presents some seemingly

un-winning odds.

And I know it’s a teaching tool and that’s

admirable. It helped me grasp the

concept but its worth looking at




Lacan’s subject object model— Freud’s divided self with language added

                 these concepts have been incredibly helpful and painful to understand— me.

                 I wonder what heart ache I may have avoided if presented w/ a model of a

                 un-severed phyche.  What would it look like— me; flesh, water, bone. I’ll keep

                 thinking on pain as pedagogy and a divided self built with a wisdom-pain           

                 dialectic.  I’ll feel out a pedagogy of love model.

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If I could do something about the atrocities people commit

Stop all violence

          quiet down


           quite down


       hear now here


comfy red fear

                                                     we’ll feel it in increments

Arroyo Chico–Valyntina Grenier-2 – Mobile from joshuamarie on Vimeo.



Linguistic fever duty
Fever city

Who’s the drunken mother?


We are sunk
Drunk people
Dumb people

LISTEN: Secular Lecture by Valyntina Grenier

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